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Map of Haigis mall pick up spot

Panoramic view of Haigis Mall


Haigis Mall is a grassy area surrounded by Whitmore Administration Building, Herter Hall, the Fine Arts Center, and Isenberg School of Management. It also has one of the primary bus stops on campus for the PVTA buses, and is also the only Peter Pan bus stop on campus.


Metered parking is available around the Haigis Mall horseshoe. Accessible parking is available in the Fine Arts Center parking lot.

ST Pickup Spot

Haigis Mall bus stop, with Herter Hall in the background.
Haigis Mall bus stop, with the Fine Arts Center in the background.

The Special Transportation pickup spot is by the sheltered bus stop.


Haigis Mall has a one-way road that goes around the grassy area. Both the entrance and exit are off of Massachusetts Ave.


Restrooms are available in all buildings around Hagis Mall. The nearest accessible restrooms to the bus stop are up the ramp in Whitmore Administration Building.

Haigis Mall Bus Schedules

IMPORTANT: Bus schedules vary with regard to whether they are running semester service, summer, winter, etc. Make sure you are looking at the correct schedule. Routes 34, 35, 38, 39 and M40 do not run during summer session. For more details you can view the bus service calendar, news feed, or google trip planner.

PVTA - Pioneer Valley Transit Authority

  • 34 - Northbound Campus Shuttle
  • 35 - Southbound Campus Shuttle
  • 38 - Mt Holyoke College/Hampshire College/Amherst/UMass
  • M40 - MINUTEMAN EXPRESS: Smith College/UMass
For schedules and maps, check out the PVTA schedules and routes page.
  • B43 - Smith College/UMass/Amherst College (Also the Hampshire Mall)
For schedules and maps, check out the PVTA schedules and routes page.

FRTA - Franklin Regional Transit Authority

  • 23 - Amherst / Greenfield


  • Lyndsy BB
  • N. M. Lemoine
  • M. Moretti

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